"Emily likes to "carry" your books around and will hardly let her Mother touch them" -Grandma Virginia

"My Great-uncle has gotten my children all three of your books and I just wanted to tell you how much they enjoy them. My four year old, Josiah, will search our extensive bookshelf to find all three of them before he’ll sit down to look at them. They are frequently brought out for bedtime stories." -Laurie Kirkwood

"My son, Aaron, is almost three and absolutely loves your book about Nosey. It's one of the first books he ever retold. He has a little plastic elephant that he calls "Nosey" and very soon after he started to speak clearly enough for us to understand him we caught him bouncing her on the floor saying "No boats! No trucks!” very emphatically! He also points out every water tower we go by thanks to your book. Your collaborations with Mr. Hergenroeder are doubly marvelous because his pictures capture so much of Fresno so well." -Marcia